Information Security Breach Report – 25 November 2014

A daily round up of the most recent reports of information security breaches, infosec and privacy stories from around the world.

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Breaches, Incidents and Alerts:

Hackers shut down Sony Pictures’ computers and are blackmailing the studio –

Updated: Hackers replace Sony’s backup app on Google Play –

‘Regin’ Attack Platform Targeted GSM Networks –

Cyber Hacker Lewys Martin Wanted £1m in Bitcoin for 28,000 Halifax Customers’ Bank Details –

Hackers claim attack on Cleveland’s websites –

28 Charged, $2M Potentially Stolen in Minn. ID Theft Ring –

Warning over ‘fake’ offshore bank –

Using a password manager on Android? It may be wide open to sniffing attacks –

Fraud Service Uses Charity Websites to Validate Stolen Credit Card Data –


Miscellaneous Infosec stories:


New ‘Internet Security Council’ struggling to get off the ground –

A year after Target data breach, aftershocks finally end –

Intel and McAfee plan to kill PC passwords with new biometric authentication –

The Cybersecurity Myths That Small Companies Still Believe –

Video: ‘Clairvoyant’ freaks out Belgians with ‘mind reading techniques’ in viral web-security ad –

Hackers Shut Down City of Cleveland’s Website After Shooting Death of Tamir Rice –

Webcam hackers arrested in Europe-wide raids –

Owner of site streaming webcam feeds ‘seeks new job’ –

Experts Predict Retailers Will Face Holiday Hacking Surge –

5 ways to escape password hell –

Cybersecurity lapses leave government agencies vulnerable to hackers –

How to restore customer’s trust in data security –

China Voice: Cyber security should avoid becoming Achilles’ heel –

Can Facebook’s Microphone Feature Get Hijacked? Probably YES! –


Tools, Tips and How it’s done :

Kevin Mitnick shows how easy it is to hack a phone –

Cisco IOS Penetration Testing with Metasploit –

Scammers used fake product listings to steal from Walmart –

Google’s “Santa” Tracks Naughty and Nice Binaries on Mac OS X –

How hackers are exploiting vulnerable DVRs to conduct illegal activities –

LinEnum – Linux Enumeration & Privilege Escalation Tool –

Protect Your Cards from Multiple Kinds of Skimmers –

Researchers Warn Google Glass Users Could Steal Passwords From Afar –

Social Engineering Always Wins: An Epic Hack, Revisited –

How To Stop People Hacking Your Webcam –

How to create seamless mobile security for employees –

How to use Tor to cloak your web browsing from prying eyes –

Cloud Security By The Numbers –

When Every Minute Counts (Part 2) –

Penetration Testing Methodology for Web Applications –

Website Malware Removal: Phishing –


Miscellaneous Privacy stories

Who’s been writing in my apps? Googlilocks builds new apps-tracker –

Postal Service almost never denies mail-surveillance requests –

Security bill: The challenge of identifying internet users –

Senator demands answers about DOJ mobile phone surveillance planes –

Internet of Things – Top 10 privacy and data protection concerns –

Researcher Releases Facebook Profile Data –

Facebook Tries To Silence Blogger To Cover Up User Data Scandal [Updated] –


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