Information Security Breach Report – 24 November 2014

A daily round up of the most recent reports of information security breaches, infosec and privacy stories from around the world.


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Breaches, Incidents and Alerts:

Clandestine Fox attack op uses social engineering to woo new victims –

Insecure allowed hacker to access 70,000 records in 4 minutes –

Now cyber criminals use E-cigarettes to spread malware –

Vodafone Germany suffers server breach –,vodafone-germany-suffers-server-breach.aspx

Attackers Hijack Craigslist Domain Name –

Backdoored CMS Plugins Used to Hijack Web Servers –

Windows RCE Vulnerability Exploited in the Wild –

Ecuadorean President Correa claims attacks on his private computers and accounts –

Hackers claim responsibility for cyberattack on city of Ottawa website –

Domain names in China hacked by overseas IPs –

Security breach forces local banks to issue new cards for many customers –

Foreign gangs top list of Target data breach suspects –

DoubleDirect MitM Attacks are targeting users worldwide –

Tacoma hospital suffers security breach, $100K stolen –

Beth Israel fined $100,000 for patient data breach –

Security breach reveals personal data on Prince George’s school employees –

FTC Continues Tech-Support Scam Busts –


Miscellaneous Infosec stories:

How To Tell If Your Password Was Stolen By The Hackers Who Took Down Sony –

Before Getting Rid of Your Old Printer, Say ‘Goodbye’ to Lingering Data –

Soon, access mobile banking without internet –

(Note: Reflected File Download] New Web vulnerability enables powerful social engineering attacks –

Why Social Engineering Should Be Your Biggest Security Concern –

[Note: Regin] Computer spying malware uncovered with ‘stealth’ features – Symantec –

Traces of Regin malware may date back to 2006 –

The Regin Espionage Toolkit –

Sony quietly POODLE-proofs Playstations –

One in six smartphone users victim of cyber attack: Study –

How to Prevent Heart Hackers From Turning Off Pacemakers –

Social engineering: How it’s used to gain cyber information –

eBay hack could result in social engineering schemes –

Salted Hash: Live from DEF CON – Social Engineering –

Sony Denies PSN Was Hacked –

Crypto protocols held back by legacy, says ENISA –

Organized crime increasingly behind cyber attacks –

Here’s What Chinese Hackers Can Actually Do To The US Power Grid –

Internal and External Forces Shaping Cybersecurity in Financial Services –

Retailers beefing up security against data breaches –

The White House breach and the evolving attack surface –

SandWorm thrived thanks to botched MSFT patch says HP –

NIST revealing next steps to bolster cyber security –

UK police: up to 5 terror plots foiled this year –

Everything your users ever need to know about BYOD –

Cyber attacks, more or less? –

The Secret Life of Passwords –

“That’s not a hack…” – 60 Sec Security [VIDEO] –

Saving the Critical Infrastructure –

Cyber Ghosts: Digital Espionage and the New Cold War –

David Ruben — Social Engineering, Brainwashing and Hypnosis, Part 2 –

Fears grow of Iran cyber attack –

A Rare Peek Into The Massive Scale of AWS –

Intel boss’ warning on cyber attacks no joke, say experts –

Hackers Target Medical Records as Electronic Data Becomes Less Lucrative –


Who is out there waiting to spy on you or steal your data? –

Critical XSS Flaw Affects WordPress 3.9.2 And Earlier –

EXCLUSIVE: eHarmony Members’ Personal Information Accessed In Security Breach –


Miscellaneous Privacy stories

Do we want privacy or free stuff? Both –

Security expert: Online privacy possible but not plausible –

What you really agree to when you click ‘accept’ –


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