Information Security Breach Report – 17 December 2014

A daily round up of the most recent reports of information security breaches, infosec and privacy stories from around the world.

Breaches, Incidents and Alerts:

Linux Distributions Affected by Two “mailx” Vulnerabilities –

Data Breach at Retail Giants, Malware Communicated with Same C&Cs –

VCU Health warns of breach –

Two New Ransomware Strains –

PhpBB suffers massive security compromise –

Fake Cell Towers Found in Norway –

Sony hackers threaten US cinemas –

Banks: Park-n-Fly Online Card Breach –

Union First Market warns of breach –

Delta security flaw let passengers access others’ boarding passes –

Former Employees Are Suing Sony Over ‘Epic Nightmare’ Hack –

Ofcom experiences one thousand cyber attacks in two months –

Spain: Four government ministries hit most from cyber hacking attempts –

Illinois hospital reports data blackmail –

CA Technologies Fixes Vulnerabilities in CA Release Automation –


Miscellaneous Infosec stories:

The Growing Threat Social Engineering Poses to Organizations… Is Your Team Equipped? –

2014: Year of the New ‘Old’ Bugs –

Cyber experts predict top targets for 2015 –

Cyber cafes weak link in terror: Ruddock –

2015 InfoSec Trends You Should and Shouldn’t Worry About –

2014: The Year of Privilege Vulnerabilities –—threats/2014-the-year-of-privilege-vulnerabilities/a/d-id/1318187

Gov’t beefs up cyber-security after website attacks –

New England security group shares threat intelligence, strives to bolster region as cybersecurity mecca –

9 data breaches that cost someone their job –

Data breaches lead long line of reasons for apologies this year –

This Linux grinch could put a hole in your security stocking –

Breach Therapy: 10 Companies Who Can’t Wait For 2014 To Be Over –

Gmail gets Content Security Policy support to stop extensions from loading unsafe code –

Spam Laced With Malicious Links Jumps: Symantec –

In A Riskier World, Security Teams Adopt Expanding Roles –

Russian National Defense Control Center almost 100% protected from cyber attacks –

Counting the real cost of cyber attacks –

From Lycos to Ask Jeeves to Facebook: Tracking the 20 most popular web sites every year since 1996 –

The Dawn of the Flying Smartphone –

Phishing spam gets ‘Big Box Retailer’ holiday makeover –


Tools, Tips and How it’s done:

TorrentLocker: Racketeering ransomware disassembled by ESET experts –

2014’s Top Malware: Less Money, Mo’ Problems –

How Secure Are Temporary Messaging Apps for Work? –


Operation Tornado – FBI Used Metasploit to unmask Tor users –


Some Memory Forensic with Forensic Suite (Volatility plugins) –

A look inside Facebook’s source code –

Threat modeling for FPGA software backdoors –

How does the US government run the internet? This is how –

Basic Malware Analysis –

Legality of Jailbreaking Mobile Phones –

Android Hacking and Security, Part 16: Broken Cryptography –

3 low-tech threats that lead to high-profile breaches –

Virtual machines could be the gold standard for network security –

A brief history of Mac malware –

Forget the Gossip, These Are the Lessons of the Sony Hack –

10 changes you can make to achieve security serenity now! –


Miscellaneous Privacy stories

UK cops caught using 12 MILLION Brits’ mugshots on pic database –

Privacy Breach Class Actions in Ontario – What’s Coming in 2015 –

Privacy and security in cyberspace: right of all or luxury of the few? –

Angelina Jolie Hires Cyber Security to Protect Her Kids Online –

Iowa Dept. Of Transportation Announces Plan To Give Police Officers, Security Personnel Full Access To Your Smartphone –

Google faces $18 mn fine for web privacy violations –


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