Cyber – A harsh reality

Browsing through the cyber news this morning has given further pause for thought….

We have Government Ministers warning us that our Critical National Infrastructure is at risk (probably a fair assumption), we have reports of Cyber Spats between China, Russia and North Korea (probably another fair assumption) we have various reports of criminals who have been nailed for stealing vast quantities of cash…..(no surprise there either!).
I have been interested, however, by the comments associated with many of these articles.  There is a tendency to blame governments for lack of focus, imagination or effort as if a safe internet is a fundamental human right.  It isn’t!  Whilst I am always the first to have a good dig at our politicians (noting grudgingly that someone has to do this difficult job!) I do believe that we all need to stand up and be counted – both as individuals, companies and society in general.    We cannot rely on government to keep us completely safe – this is not realistic.
The information environment is a dangerous, contested place.  It is the playground of governments, criminal organisations, businesses and children.  This infrastructure also underpins many of the things we depend on in life.  Whilst we may make a risk judgement about safety, we cannot avoid some risk but must manage it on our own initiative.
I’m not saying we shouldn’t demand high standards from our government – we should, but before we beef, lets just have a think about what we have done ourselves!

Managing Director of SRM, Tom F is a regular contributor to the SRM blog.

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